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SW Florida Real Estate Photography | Real Estate Videography | Drone Photos & Videos | Virtual Staging | HDR Photography & Virtual Tours

For Realtors, Kohalafoto Films offers a price schedule that is based solely on images being used to sell a property. If you intend to utilize the photos for anything other than listing the property for sale, you will need to purchase an extended license to use the photos. Please refer to our Commercial Services, which includes the license fee. For more information on licenses, please see our Terms of Service.

All images are taken through a custom two-step editing process and undergo essential hand crafted adjustments to make your photos pop. These improvements are free and done to every photo when applicable, no matter what package you choose.


This includes, but is not limited to: enhancing or dropping in a sky; greening the grass; straightening the photo; color correction; balancing the light; tripod reflection removal; and removing pool equipment. Please inquire regarding advanced or special editing.

All photos are:

✓ Individually and professionally edited

✓ HDR quality images

✓ Ready the next business day

please get in touch and let's talk about your project !

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First pick your photo package, second choose your extras (Video Tour, Drone etc)




Express Photos





3 min Video
1-2 min Video
  • Aerial footage of Property mixed with  Interior Photo Tour (slides) 

  • 1 min / optimized for MLS 

  • plus embeddable link: Video file format in (.mp4) 1080p for Social Media

  • Copyrighted Music Included

  • FREE Rescheduling due to Weather Conditions

  • 48 hours Turnaround

  • 3  min fully custom Cinematic Video

  • Aerial / Drone Footage + Stills

  • Video Walk-thru of Interior

  • Stock Footage of surroundings

  • We shoot this in 4K for max high quality and produce a Video file format in(.mp4) 1080p, incl embedded links

  • download and use on your website

  • Branding Included on Request

  • Copyrighted Music Included

  • 15 sec "trailer" video on Request

  • FREE Rescheduling due to Weather Conditions

  • 4 Day Turnaround

Smaller Properties / Condos

Signature Photos

Average Properties / 2-3 Bedrooms

  • $185  -- 20 Images 

  • $200 -- 25 Images 

  • $250 -- 35 Images 

  • $250 -- 25 Images 

  • $300 -- 35 Images

  • $400 -- 50 Images

  • Custom editing on all Images

  • Online Gallery

  • Blue Sky Guarantee

  • FREE Rescheduling due to Weather Conditions

  • 24 hours Turnaround

Added Services

  • $50 -- 3 Drone Photos 

  • $50 -- 3 Stock / Amenities Photos 

  • $75  -- Slideshow with music

  • $175 -- 3 Twilight Photos

Added On to above Photo Packages


Average digital delivery and turn around is 24 hrs for photos, 2 days for EXPRESS Videos, and 4 days for our SIGNATURE cinematic videos.



  • $  50      ADD-ON to Express Photo Package: 

                      2 aerial / drone photos  (Ext. Front + Back)

  • $  75     up to 5 aerial / drone photos (Vacant Lot)

  • $ 125    up to 10 aerial / drone photos (Vacant Lot)

  • $ 200    up to 15 aerial /drone photos (Vacant Lot + Stock Photos / Beach)


  • $175  3 Twilight Photos


  • ​EXPRESS Real Estate Agent Profile Video starting at $350  (1 min Intro of self + one property)

  • SIGNATURE Realtor Promo Reel starting at $575 (2-3 min Agent Profile Highlight or "showreel", compilation of Agent's favorite properties, includes aerials of surrounding area, and Narration)

MORE OPTIONS to Add-On  to your chosen package: 
  • Branded Video (from already produced MLS video) plus a 15 sec Trailer Video: +$35

  • Zillow One Min Teaser Video: +$35

  • Community Preview: +$50 (up to 3 community locations: parks, schools, restaurants, coffee shops, beaches)

  • Realtor Headshots add-on: (scheduled at preferred Agent Listing Property): +$150

  • Extended Digital Licensing for Vacation Rental: add $100 to MLS Photo Package


  • Digital Image Retouching / Basic Virtual Staging

       $25 per room – This applies to specific removal or alteration of features or objects as               requested by Agent and/or Simple furniture added to vacant homes.

  • Repeat Visit / Reshoots

       $100 – Up to 10 images, including but not limited to additional interior, exterior or twilight shots delivered after the initial scheduled photo shoot. This is a per-visit minimum charge.

Each additional photo will be charged @ $25 per Image.

  • Rush Orders

       $45 – Please inform us at the time of the appointment if you need same day rush 

delivery of your images. We will make every effort to accommodate you at that time. 


A "Express" video is basically a mini version of the longer cinematic video. It's a 60 sec min Highlights Video with basic walkthrough footage (some photo slides too) of the property's interior and exterior aerial footage of front and back of the property. This video is targeted to be used with your MLS Listing, hence it is non-branded. Finalized in HD quality, with transitions and music from our purchased Royalty Free Music Libraries.

A "SIGNATURE" video, is a more complex cinematic "short film", longer in length, showcasing a property in more details. In addition to an interior walk-through with gimbal, ext footage with drone, we also include aerial footage of surroundings (Coastlines, Parks, Restaurants and Beaches). Overall introducing a property from a more artistic angle to showcase in more depth what the property stands out for, so that a potential buyer can already get a feel for what it would be like to walk through the property.

All our videos are of high quality (we shoot in 4K and release in 1080p HD) , we host the videos complimentary for 1 year, and are available for up to several years on request on our site. After we have finalized the editing within a short timeframe, you will simply receive a video link that you can instantly use with your MLS Listing, on your website and social media channels. With the Signature video, clients will have the option to request a branded video and a 15 sec "Teaser / Trailer" Video for Instagram, TICTOC, Youtube, FB etc.) at no extra cost.


  • Online Preview Gallery + Pick your Favorites + Download directly from Gallery

  • MLS optimized and high resolution for all your printing needs 

  • custom fully retouched High Quality Images delivered via our online platform.

  • Use of gimbal for smooth video during a video walk-through

  • Complimentary Video hosting up to a year

  • ​Extra flashes and special lighting photography

  • Blue sky Touch-ups through windows

  • Advanced Photo retouching: Custom (Natural Looking HDR) processing

  • Unwanted Items removed

Types of Videos we produce


 All Prices quoted on this page are licensed as short term for our Realtor Clients, and expire when property is sold. Copyright remains with the photographer. Third Party transfer is not allowed without seeking permission of the photographer. 

For additional photo packages or commercial quotes please contact us.

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