Do Real Estate Videos with Drone Really Help Sell Properties faster ?

. . .YEP ! 

Kohalafoto Films is a real estate and event production company located in Englewood, Florida, servicing from Boca Grande, Palm Island, Manasota Key, Venice, Siesta Key, to Sarasota and Ana Maria Island.


We are a team of photography and videography professionals who specialize in cutting-edge media for real estate professionals. Licensed FAA drone operators, highly experienced photographers and videographers, who are ready to bring your Listing to another level !

What's the difference between your "Express" and "Custom Cinematic" Films ?

Kohalafoto Films offers 2 main different type of video productions. In simple words, a short and a slightly longer video, cinematic and custom.  "Express Videos" are much shorter, yet enough to "tease" the viewer to wanting to see more and to trigger interest in any property, highlighting what the property makes unique, short enough to not loose the viewers interest, but long enough to say "Wow, I want this place"!


Best of all, because of it's shorter length than some of the 4 min cinematography videos we offer, we can also offer this videography service to realtors at an affordable add-on price to any photo package.  


There is a misconception of what aerial videos really are. To most people, when a drone is involved, it is about getting a view far up in the sky "mapping of the property" shot.

For us, it is far more than that. It is not just about getting the highest possible shot of the property from above, which in some cases could actually trigger a negative viewing experience and response, when power lines, messy neighbors, constructions fields etc. are revealed, obstructing the pretty scenery, thus failing to showcase the property in it's most flattering way.

We actually use the drone for cinematic artistic expression, often not even higher than standing on a ladder. Meaning we "show off" the home in a creative, aesthetically pleasingly way for the viewer to get a better chance to connect with the property, hence creating an emotion of deeper interest, before they actually see the property in person.


It isn't about revealing every single room. Our Videos aim to evoke real emotions, emotions of connecting and envisioning living there. We capture details;  beautiful close ups of interior design, elements that stand out, such as fountains, facets and custom wood work, exotic gardens, viewers truly get a feel of the property and may already imagine living in the space they have just seen.

Not only can a commercial drone filming in your area benefit of greater exposure to reach more potential buyers, our aerial real estate videos allow the realtor to show buyers the entire property in a stunning cinematic introduction, thus increasing the number of how many people will click on your Listing, and adding another level to your professionalism.

Our pilots are licensed and have a FAA 333 exemption that allows them to operate legally. Let real estate drone photography/videography help you sell property in your area! 

Based in Venice, Florida  / available for bookings world-wide     Tel: 941 460 3479