South West Florida Wedding Photographer

Questions + Answers

Why Kohalafoto ?

The results are inviting and bright, high-quality professional images / video captured by a highly professional photography team.

Q: Do you do engagement sessions? 

A: Yes! Of course we do, and we LOVE them ! we actually encourage them in order to start building relationships with our clients. We find that after this session, the couple is ten times more relaxed on the Big day, it takes the edge off...resulting in incredible personal and romantic natural looking images. By nature, we are easy approachable professionals, but with the advantage of getting to know us us a chance to make any pose feel very natural and that is one last thing for you to have to think about....that is our main goal and the icing on the cake is that you have now a great slideshow to present in at your reception.

Q: How many images should I expect from my event or photo session and how do I get them?

A: Typically, we average about 100 - 200 images an hour. Regardless of your package, we will include all available images at high resolution with a print release form attached, so you can send your digital files to printing labs of your choice. 

Depending on the package chosen, our clients will be able to pick their (average) 50 Best Shots, which will undergo special enhancement and editing. We do offer a variety of printing products and encourage to have special enlargement prints done by the photographer. As with the creative eye and skills of a professional you will end up with an image that simply will stand-out from the crowd. 

You will receive an online (password protected) proofing image gallery, this link will be sent to you, along with specific easy to follow instructions as to how to make your selection. You are also receiving a slideshow for the purpose of presenting the highlight of your event to you and you may share the link with friends and family.

Q: How long does it take to shoot my wedding

A: We shoot anywhere from a simple “Just the Two of us” which are common here in Hawaii, to 3 hours - which covers a little bit of Bride getting ready, Groom getting ready, before shots, ceremony coverage, and after shots....down to 6 hours, 10 hours and all day unlimited coverage, depending on the package chosen.

Q: Will you charge me by the hour or am I charged for the event - or how does this work?
A: We have created choices for everyone all there on our Package Page. And if you still feel that you are somewhere in between packages, feel free to send us your special requests. And yes, our Packages are customizable. We have many a la carte options for you.


Q: How long do I have to wait before I get my pictures?

A: Typically it takes about 4-6 weeks for photography and 6 - 8 for videography packages, depending on the volume and time of wedding season, however we do turn around images usually sooner and especially turn around those “first look” images within a few days past the event for you to share with friends and family right away. And we are more than happy to send you some favorites in high resolution, so you can get started on your “thank You” cards.


Q: What kind of editing and touch up will you do?

A: Our Photographers take special care of their imagery. To us, it is imperative that we individual edit one by one and give each image tonal and color correction, along with fine retouching such as minor object removal etc...major facial blemish removal and unwanted hair blown into face for example, are the kind of special treatments reserved for the images that you will pick from your online proofing galleries.


Q: How large will I be able to blow my images up to?
A:The sky is the limit !

Q: What will be the rights that I will have with the digital images?
A: The images will remain ownership of Kohalafoto. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN SPECIFICALLY ?  You will not be able to have commercial rights of any image shot by Kohalafoto, you cannot alter an image, nor will you be allowed to enter into contests without the permission of the photographer. 

BUT, you will have personal printing and reproduction rights to all of your engagement, portrait or wedding photos.


Q: How will you deliver the images? 
A: We will first make a large selection of all your photos from your event available in your online proofing gallery (password protected - so you are the only one with access to it) and than you make your selection and we deliver your photos on DVD’s, mailed to you. DVD one has all the images that you have reviewed in your online proofing gallery, plus a folder containing “your picks” and another folder with “the photographer’s pick” ...and if you had chosen the photo / video combination package, you will receive a DVD with your wedding film, viewable on any dvd player.


Q: Do you back up your images ?

A: Yes! We do.....triple and quadroopple !!!!! in more than one location, online and we keep our archives for one year after the event.


Q: Do you carry Liability Insurance?
A: Yes! We are fully insured through the Professional Photographers of America.

Q: How and when do you need to meet with us?
A: We can meet in person for a free consultation or for our out-of-state clients we can do a Skype consultation. Just fill out our contact form and specify your preferred method of corresponding with us.

Q: What will you need from me to reserve the date?
A: We handle all wedding inquiries on a first come first served bases. We would require a signed contract and retainer for wedding date reservations.


Q: How do you charge if we go past the contracted time?
A: We would never exceed the amount of contracted shooting time without the clients permission. If it is the clients desire, we will proceed at an arranged additional charge per hour after the contracted amount.


Q: If the wedding gets cancelled, do I get my 30% deposit back?
A: Unfortunately No. There is a limited amount of weekends during the year. With that in mind, we need to collect a non refundable deposit.


Q: What if our date is changed?
A: If your wedding date is changed, you may transfer it to another date providing we are not already booked for other weddings.


Q: Do you charge mileage or any other travel related fees?
A: We accommodate our clients as best as we can within reason. If your wedding is not within a 60 mile radius additional travel fees may apply.


Q: Are there discounts if you do both our engagement session and wedding? 
A: Yes. Engagement photo sessions are discounted if they are within any of our wedding packages.


Q: Do we get to keep all the photos in high res ?
A: Kohalafoto Photography includes all the original high resolution photos retouched & edited on CD with EVERY package - with Print Release !


Q: How many photos do we get to OWN on CD’s / DVD’s / Blu-ray Disk / or Flash Drive?
A: Depending on the hours and number of photographers within your package, you will own a minimum of 100 photos and up to a maximum of 800 high-resolution photos of your wedding day. 


Q: Tell me about your Books? 
A: We are very proud of the quality, style & uniqueness of our Books. We work with the best professional printing manufacturers, that cater only to the professionals, not to the public. But the best way to prove it, is to show you! We bring our different range of books with us to your free consultation, or can mail you sample images.


Q: Is the photographer we meet the one who takes the photos on the day ?
A: Absolutely! On rare occasions, we source out additional freelanced photographers. Our Standards are high, they must be equally experienced in wedding photography, excellent in their craft, on our level of quality & style, and must have an eye for incredibly good photography. It is our priority that our client is confident with the photographer they will have on their special day.


Q: How does payment work? 

A: To book Kohalafoto Photography for your wedding date we also require a commitment from our clients. It’s a 30% deposit of your package. This will assure you that we have committed to taking the photos on the requested date for your special day. The remainder of the balance is required before we ship out your retouched photos on disk.  


Q: Do you customize packages outside existing ones ?
A: Absolutely, yes we do. Our packages are guidelines to our services. We are happy to sit down with our clients to create a suitable package for their needs.

Q: What if it rains on our wedding day ? 
A: Well that sometimes happens. When it does rain...we will smile with you ( As Native Hawaiians will tell you, that rain is a blessing on your wedding day ! So....the show must go on! We will shoot your wedding day rain, “hail” or shine. We have rain protective gear and lots of umbrellas. Added to this we have some great ideas for shooting in the rain and we know how to make it fun!


Q: We don't like posing all the time, is your style candid and creative ? 
A: That’s exactly what it is. We love keeping your day looking natural & fun. Our style also incorporates a fashion edge & modern creativity. Our Photographers are highly experienced in this field. We mix up the best of two worlds...but we make sure that you are absolute comfortable with our shooting style. Again we also sit down to discuss which style of shooting our clients prefer. That is why it is important for you to understand that photographers...the really good ones...have their own shooting style which is visible in their portfolio...what we show in our galleries here is WHO we are and HOW we shoot, which we ve been told over and over how beautiful our images come out. But we do believe in giving our clients a whole range of different shots for them to choose from.


Q: Do you travel outside Florida ?
A: Yes absolutely we do. We have been shooting weddings mainly in Hawaii, Oahu, Maui and Kauai, but where there is a story, we will follow all over the mainland and even internationally. As long as there is an airport, we can shoot anywhere :-) Our photographers are experienced in traveling with gear.


Q: How many years experience do your photographers have?
A: 15 + years professional backgrounds in wedding and fashion photography. They proved themselves as leading photographers in diverse shooting situations. They are well experienced in working with their assistants and have a strong reputation amongst clients and peers in the Florida / Hawaii Wedding Business. Photography and film making is what we breathe, combining it with our former careers in the Hollywood Film Business as fashion / commercial photographers and videographers, you can rest assure that you are in excellent hands with us...and let's not forget...we are really fun to work with too :-)


Q: Are there any industry professionals that refer you and back Kohalafoto Photography as a reliable and professional business? 
A: Most definitely. Our business is exclusively recommended to many clients of local Resorts. We have very strong ties with Big Island Wedding Planners, major Resorts and other industry professionals.


Q: How long does it take to receive a reply from Kohalafoto photography once we have emailed an enquiry? 
A: Any enquiry will receive a reply within 24hrs - even if we are out on a international destination wedding shoot.