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Headshots On-Location

In our modern world of social media and "instant everything", having professional headshots is a pure necessity for every player in the business world.

When it comes to business I like to keep things super-simple, clear and upfront.

You've made the decision to invest in yourself so here is a quick guide to what you can expect to spend on your On-Location Headshot photoshoot.

There is a one time session fee for the photoshoot, then after your shoot you choose which images you would like to buy directly from your gallery.

All images are professionally retouched. Yes that means goodbye to those dark under-eye shadows (that pretty much anybody with kids has 😄)!

On-Location Session Fee $200

  • On location headshot session

  • Does not include any digital files. These are purchased after your shoot for $25 per Image.

How to prepare for your Headshots or Personal Branding Session - CLICK HERE

Copyright and Image Usage Agreement - CLICK HERE

How to prepare for your Headshots or Personal Branding Session

How to prepare for your session:

  • Wardrobe preparation is an essential key to a successful shoot.

  • We recommend solid-colored tops, avoiding lace or patterns (many patterns & floral designs can be difficult to adjust during editing, some patterns/designs can become quickly outdated or unseasonal).

  • However, the most Important is that you choose clothes that represent you, and your style, your if Hawaiian Shirt is YOU, by all means we are OK with that :-)

  • Ok this is obvious...Clothing should be clean, pressed or steamed, and free of stains/holes/rips :-)

  • Pants or bottoms should match even if your session is not expected to show (Basic Headshot). We may occasionally provide a 3/4 length option.

  • Additionally, clothing should fit properly. Clothing that is too tight or too loose can reflect poorly in your images.

  • You are investing in headshots to better your business. If needed, consider in investing into a new outfit.

  • Depending on your session type, you may have up to certain number of outfits, we highly recommend utilizing accessories such as different tops or jackets and also necklaces, bracelets, ear rings, ties to quickly change your look without the need for full wardrobe change. On Location, if there is no public bathroom present, consider wearing a bikini top or sports bra underneath your blouse or top so changing outfit doesn't become too awkward - when in doubt I usually bring a sarong and can assist in providing a "changing tent" :-)

  • Hair & Makeup should be completed and ready prior to start of your session. Please bring your essential Makeup touch up favorites so we can make adjustments prior to start of your session if needed. Hair & Makeup services can be added for a fee but need to be arranged at least a week in advance.

What to expect during your session:

  • Before your session starts, we provide you with a moment to get settled, hang up extra outfits, do any quick hair/makeup touch ups, and use restroom, etc.

  • We will have a brief chat to learn about your business or career and discuss your session goals (sometimes this may have been completed during your booking call)

  • We will then begin your session and coach you through poses based upon your session goals.

  • You can expect some standing and some seated poses (if available on location).

  • For extended headshot sessions, we will also walk outside the studio utilizing a few areas surrounding the building to add environmental style shots.

  • As time permits and depending on session type, we will then proceed to your changing of outfits, accessories, and backdrop colors.

What to expect after your session:

  • Within 24 hours of your session, you will receive an emailed invitation to your proofing gallery.

  • The proofing gallery is a RAW & Unedited gallery for you to simply select your images based upon your chosen package (You can always upgrade to add additional selections if you wish)

  • You will receive a set of instructions for navigating the proofing gallery & choosing your favorites.

  • Once you have made your selections, you should e-mail our office to let us know and also provide any guidance or areas of focus for our editing process.

  • Expect 3-5 business days for the completion of your edits and delivery of your final digital images (if you picked only 1 Image, it will be retouched the day of Favorite submission ).

What is included in our editing process:

  • Enhance Overall Look of Image

  • Color Correction

  • Light Skin Retouching: fine lines, soften under eyes, lines in neck, lines around mouth

  • Teeth Whitening

  • Enhance Iris Color

  • Brighten Whites of Eyes

  • Removing Stray Hairs

  • Removing Small Wrinkles, Stains, Pieces of Lint (some material types may not be permissible such as heavy tweeds, lace, or high amounts of pattern)

  • Smooth Background

What is NOT included in our editing process but available as an upgrade:

If you request any of these specialty retouches below, we will likely have to add a editing fee to your Invoice, as this is time consuming

  • Liquifying: Adjustments to any parts of face or body such as weight slimming or bulking, muscle definition, etc.

  • Excessive Hair Modifications: Adding hair, voluminizing, cloning hair from other areas, changing/adjusting color, root touch up.

  • Major Wardrobe Malfunctions: Ironing of excessive wrinkles, removing exposed bra straps, correcting of rips, tears, stains, or over/under sized clothing.

  • Extensive Makeup Application or Facial Enhancements: Adding/extending eyelashes, new eyebrows, straightening or replacing teeth, changing lip color, full makeup application.

  • Removal of items: hair ties on wrists, unwanted jewelry, wristbands, etc.

Please note: It is our true desire to produce an image that represents the BEST possible YOU, naturally and organic, professional and desirable, but most importantly.... representing the REAL YOU ❤️



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