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Family Sessions


Interested in a family beach session ? Heads up... OUR STUDIO HAS MOVED !

Although we still shoot weddings in Hawaii, we are now available for family beach photo sessions in Florida only ! Servicing Manasota Key, Englewood Beach, Port Charlotte, North Port, Venice, Boca Grande, and Palm Island. Please fill out our booking form and we will get back within 24 hours. We provide outdoor and indoor family / portrait photography.


Sessions start at $250. To make your 50% deposit, simply select the Photography Package you want, then click the Paypal button. All major Credit Cards are accepted. NOTE: Before making a deposit, please email Chris to make sure the date and time you want is available!

REFUND POLICY: deposit is non-refundable. If you need to re-schedule, we will be happy to find another date that will work for the both of us.

Packages / Pricing

What to expect during the session

For family portrait sessions, I like to start off with the "normal" formal, posed portraits as it lets everyone get warmed up and relaxed. It's also easier to keep young children's attention at the start, and it insures we've got the "safe" shots before you get wet or sandy :-) Once all the safe shots are done, then we get to play with more creative and fun ideas.

Typically we'll start off in one spot, do all the family variations you've got - or different poses with couples - before moving on to another spot. Variety is always my goal - mixing it up with both environmental portraits (wide and posed shots) and candid, natural images, as well as variety in wide, normal, close, horizontal and vertical shots.

My kids are young - I’m worried they will get bored or tired

I often hear this concern about kids may getting tired or bored during the session. I photograph families with young kids quite a lot, and for me... it simply rarely is an issue. Sessions are fast paced and we never sit still for long. In fact, we rarely actually SIT. So a 30 or 60 minute session goes by surprisingly fast while we have plenty of fun. By doing the “formal” family portraits first and getting them out of the way, I make sure the kids (and adults) have fun for the rest of the session. If nothing else, tossing a bored kid in the air always works! :-)

What to Wear

Colors Short answer: anything that makes you feel comfortable and attractive. That said, I recommend choosing colors that complement your skin and the entire group. Bright solid colors seem to work really well for beach and sunset photography sessions. Black rarely looks good on the beach unless it's a formal portrait. White works well if you have a tan or warm-toned skin, and seldom looks good if you're really pale unless it's paired with colorful accessories like flower bouquets, ribbons, etc. Try to stay away from stripes, logos or lots of pattern want images that are timeless and still look good 10 to 20 years from now. Tropical-themed shirts and clothes often look good if they're not too loud or busy. Look thru the images on this site and notice what styles and colors you think look the best.

Shoes For beach portrait sessions, don't bother with shoes. Wear sandals or flip flops. You'll be barefoot in the sand with waves tickling your toes for 90% of your session. This is Florida after all!

Shorts Generally men/boys should wear shorts (unless you want a more formal look) and women/girls always look best in sundresses or shorts. Long pants only if they can be rolled up some or they just end up getting wet at the bottoms.

Location Choices

Locations can be just about anywhere, depending on your needs and wishes (except for the 30 minute mini package). There are three great locations right near Englewood FL, for those who don't want to go too far, and many off the beaten path locations for folks who have transportation and want to explore. If you're a family with young kids, we go to family safe locations, highly recommend Manasota Key - specifically "Blind Pass Park", with plenty of free parking and white sand that stretches for miles. Great options are: Palm Island for secluded beaches, and Boca Grande. (Please note for these Island Locations we will charge transportation as both choices will charge us for coming to the Island).


"The weather report says there's a chance of rain, can we reschedule?" I get this question often...because the weather report for this area (Englewood Florida) indicates a chance of rain often in the summer months especially. We will decide the day before or the morning of the session...Even if the forecast shows it is raining, two hours later it can be back to fluffy white clouds and sunshine. If it's truly a bad day, I'll reschedule if at all possible to the next day or two :-)

How Many Photos Do We Get From A Session?

While I never promise an exact number, I generally end up with at least 150 images per hour, sometimes quite a lot more than that. It depends on how much direction the clients need, the location, the conditions, etc. For a one hour session, the fewest I’ve ever delivered was 75 images, the most 400. On average, you can expect between 120-150 images. My philosophy is to give clients as many quality shots as possible, with as much variety as possible. However, quality always outshines quantity.

Do we get the full resolution images, so we can make prints?

Yes and no. You do not get the full resolution, native resolution my camera produces. You do receive ALL the edited images from your session at a high resolution that allows you to print quality prints up to 8x10 anywhere you want. For prints larger than 8x10, however, you will need to order prints from me. The benefit is that I will personally fine tune the edit on every image you order from me before sending it to a professional print lab.

I use the highest quality professional Sony camera and lenses, the latest state of the art Sony mirrorless, which has more than enough resolution to make gorgeous prints on metal and canvas all the way up to 40 x60.

What if we want the full resolution digital images?

That option is available. Just add 50% more to any package I offer. Example: the $350 1-hr Package would now be $700 with all full resolution images included, you would now be able to print any size of your choice.

Do you edit all our photos?

Yes, I edit all the photos I deliver for color, white balance, brightness and composition. Any “photoshop” work such as body slimming, skin softening, etc is available but not included.

How much do your prints cost?
How many prints do we get with our Print Credit?

I’m so glad you asked! The following prices are current examples but are always subject to change. Unused Print Credit is not refundable.

Paper Prints 8x10 = $32 8x12 = $35 11x14 = $55 16x24 = $67 20x30 = $105 24x36 = $184

Canvas Gallery Wraps 12x16 = $125 16x24 = $195 24x36 = $250 30x40 = $375

Aluminum Metal Prints 8x10 = $155 8x12 = $160 11x14 = $175 16x24 = $360 20x30 = $484 24x36 = $590

Photo Albums

8x8 20Pages / Layflat / Luster / wraparound cover design = 125

10x10 20Pages / Layflat / Luster / wraparound cover design = 250

(More options, such as Acrylic Prints, Art Prints and from photo to painting are available too, please ask for samples)


Beautifully simple from start to finish, this album is one ultimate album for consolidating your photo memories. With a one-piece wraparound cover design, this makes for an amazing album to be created for your memories.

All albums can be upgraded to include more pages.

Prices start at $125.


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