From Photo to Art - Here's how it works:


Watercolor, Oil, Acrylic Art on canvas, metal print or wood, all customizeable from your favorite photograph. We don't just use a software to click on a filter that resembles art . . . no, these wall art creations are actually all done by hand by a talented artist. And by hand we mean using a tablet as the canvas and a stylus pen as the paint brush.

Can I send my own photo

Yes! As long as you can supply a high resolution photograph. Our artist prefers to paint from her own photos and references, but to paint a portrait as a surprise gift, working from your own photography is sometimes possible, depending on the photo.

Pricing is simple and an upfront 50% deposit is required to secure your place on our artist commissioned portrait schedule. The time a commissioned portrait painting takes and the process used depends greatly on the scope of the work.


  1. we shoot a portrait or you submit a high resolution photo for the Artist to use as reference image.

  2. After a conversation about the medium you will choose, the Artist will create a visual digital composition with our copyright watermark logo on it (the final painting will not have this). Choose from custom portrait paintings in oil or watercolor, or other mediums just browse our gallery to find your favorite style.

  3. After deposit is received Artist will start immediately on your 100% digitally hand-painted portrait painting. Limited revisions included before we send out your art.

Portrait Price list for fully finished highest quality hand- painted canvas painting, unframed

$350 8 x 10

$550 11 x 16

$750 16 x 20 (or 16 x 24)

To get started simply email us

here is a selection of some of our recent commissioned artwork