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Commissioned Art

Commissioned Canvas PORTRAIT


KOHALAFOTO partnered with Portrait Artists to offer commissioned custom paintings; portraits of Babies, Children, Families, Pets, Couples and your favorite Wedding Photo.

Our custom Art Pieces, are available framed or unframed, and are 100% hand -painted using either modern digital tools such as iPad Pro and Photoshop or artist's traditional brushes and mediums, such as; Watercolor, Oil, or Acrylic on canvas, metal print or wood, all customizable from your favorite photograph.





send us your favorite photo to


Decide on the medium (watercolor or oil) / material (see options below) AND size

Options Include: wood, Canvas, Tile, Textile, art paper matte, photo paper gloss

(see samples in below gallery)


we will send you a quote and a digital composition of what the

art piece will look like


After payment, We will get to work :)


This Couple loved their wedding photo on the pier but their dog wasn't there at the time. They had requested for us to include him in the final art canvas 11 x 16.




This Couple wanted their wedding photo painted on something "different", so

we painted on a rustic background on cotton canvas textile 32 x 24

Commissioned portrait GALLERY


This depends on many factors, such as; do you supply the photograph as reference photo to the Artist, or do we go on Location to photograph you, your child or your pet, it depends on the type of art chosen, digital artwork or traditional oil painting (size, number of pets or people in the portrait, detailed background or simple, framed or not etc).

It is always a good idea to consider all these options when asking for a quote, but if you want to chat them through first please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions and we will be happy to talk them through with you.

what can i expect from a digital painting ?

Our Digital paintings resemble traditional art. Your keepsake can be "painted" in watercolor, acrylic, mixed media or oil. These digital paintings are very similar in look as traditional artwork on canvas. But we love to put them on other materials, such as wood, textiles, metal, ceramic and more.

We don't just use an iPhone app to click on a single filter that resembles art . . . no, these Keepsake fine art creations are actually all done "by hand" by a talented fine art artist. BY HAND we mean using a pro art software like Procreate and Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter etc., using a computer tablet as the canvas and a stylus pen as the painting brush or a iPad Pro with apple pencil, with many mediums and brush options to create art that looks and feels like a traditional portrait painting on high quality cotton canvas. The Photo you submit is merely the reference image, our Artist starts always with a blank canvas to create THE MAGIC.

And we don't stop there ! We make real wood floating frames to give the canvas portrait art a unique look. Options are white, natural, grey or black. The most popular size our clients order is 16 x 20 and will cost approximately $350 (just rolled canvas and shipped in a travel tube, shipping not included) or up to $1000 (framed canvas with custom wooden Float Frame, prices vary according to size and complexity of artwork).

Can I commission a real painting?

Yes! Absolutely - just put in your email that you are interested in a traditional hand painted portrait on canvas or wood.

Can I send my own photo

Yes! As long as you can supply a high resolution photograph.

Pricing is simple and an upfront 50% deposit is required to secure your place on our artists commissioned portrait schedule. The time a commissioned portrait painting takes and the process used depends greatly on the scope of the work.

Sometimes, a complex piece may take 3 -4 weeks to be completed, on average

we try to complete within 1 -2 weeks.


  1. you submit a high resolution photo for the Artist to use as reference image.

  2. After a conversation about the medium you will choose, the Artist will create a visual digital composition with our copyright watermark logo on it (the final painting will not have this of course). Choose from custom portrait paintings in oil, acrylic or watercolor look, or other mediums just browse our gallery to find your favorite style.

  3. After deposit is received Artist will start immediately on your 100% digitally hand-painted portrait painting. Limited revisions included before we send out your art.

  4. If you rather commission a traditional hand painted portrait with real oil, painted by a portrait artist, please inquire about our Signature Portraits.

To get started simply email us

I would like a commissioned wallArt piece (not a portrait), Can I send any photo or tell you my idea ?

You bet ! We look forward to hearing about your ideas :)

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