From Photo to Art - Here's how it works:

To discover the ideal vision for your custom portrait project, our artist will gather visual information about your portrait through conversation, photography

Can I send my own photo

Yes! As long as you can supply a higher resolution photograph. Our artist prefers to paint from her own photos and references, but to paint a portrait as a surprise gift, working from your own photography is sometimes possible, depending on the photo.

Pricing is simple and an upfront 50% deposit is required to secure your place on our artist commissioned portrait schedule. The time a commissioned portrait painting takes and the process used depends greatly on the scope of the work.

Scheduling a meeting with us, via telephone or email is the first step to beginning your portrait project. Once our artist has a full understanding of your portrait project, simple, upfront pricing and potential delivery dates will be given.

The prices below are in US dollars and are for unframed, but fully finished, highest quality canvas portraits with simple clothing and plain backgrounds. Complex backgrounds and intricate clothing will add to the cost.

For all portrait Commissions a non Refundable 50% deposit is required to secure a place on the schedule list for one of my portraits, the remaining 50% to be paid upon completion of the portrait.

Portrait Price list for fully finished highest quality canvas painting, unframed

16 x 11 $400 Head and Shoulders

24 x 18 $600 Head and Shoulders

36 x 24 $800 Half Body

60 x 36 $1200 Full body

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