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Kohalafoto Films is a SW Florida based Wedding, Lifestyle, Commercial and Architectural Photography Studio, with a passion for telling stories with our hearts.


We have recently expanded our territory from Hawaii to Florida....And YES absolutely, we will continue to travel to the Islands to cover your love story !

Now offering our photography and videography services to clients all over SW Florida, with wedding bookings worldwide!


Who is Kohalafoto and what exactly do we do ?

Kohalafoto Films is a full photography and videography production house, based in Venice, Florida, with bookings worldwide. We’ve been awarded and commended on our cinematography style films and high-end photography for almost a decade now. 

Kohalafoto Films is owned by husband and wife duo, John and Christina , who have both worked in Hollywood's film business in Los Angeles, CA for many years before launching their wedding and architectural photography / cinematography business 15 years ago, and have established themselves amongst the top notch local photography studios.

If you like what you see here on our site we look forward to meeting you too !

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Who is behind Kohalafoto Films ?


Under the hood of KOHALAFOTO FILMS you will find an ambitious group of photography professionals, with husband and wife duo, Christina and John, leading the team, who with lots of passion, experience and talent have created a successful wedding and commercial photography business, based in Venice, FL..


 "We dedicate a lot of time and effort into our photography and hand-crafted films, from the actual filming to getting the perfect sound, editing and color correction. 


Let’s be honest, simply turning on a camera, pressing record and handing over hours of footage simply does not cut it anymore! But we know that it’s not all about the techy stuff, it’s about the heart of the story. And we would love to tell your story! Trust us when we say…we are really fun to work with too !"   :-)

Lead Photographer

Christina Lonie

John Lonie

Video / Drone



Look with your

heart and not

with your eyes.

The heart understands.

The heart never

lies. Believe what

it feels, and trust

what it shows


Kohalafoto Films

Based in Venice, Florida  / available for bookings world-wide     Tel: 941 460 3479

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