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Headshots - Studio

Headshots • Branding • Authors • Actors/Actress/Model • Magazine Covers & Content • Singers / Musicians • Fitness • Dancers

We have a wide range of photography options available both on location or

in -studio, and can cater for one person or an entire team.

Our studio is centrally located in Englewood Florida, we also have a mobile studio which can cater to small and large shoots including on site image selections using the latest technology. We can shoot anywhere!

For more information and an obligation free quote please GET IN TOUCH now!

You need to have a professional headshot to fit into the corporate world. You want people to see your headshot and to form an idea of who you are as a person, putting some thoughts on your personal brand in their minds.

A stunning photo is like a great first impression: it introduces you in the right way. As a photographer it is my job to help you bring out your personality in your Headshot and to give your Headshot a major edge down the line.


Refined and sleek, a headshot done in a studio will highlight on your eyes, face, and neck and draw attention away from your clothes and the background. Anyone who sees your headshot – will see that you are someone who exudes confidence, someone they can respect, and someone they want to work with!


For more info on our Sessions, please keep on reading . . .

Simple pricing. Maximum flexibility.

Instead of complicated packages with time limits and a set number of images, I charge a session fee and then after the shoot, you buy only the image(s) that you love! Walk away from a 30-minute session with a few great headshots, or create a wider variety of looks with a longer session, tailored to your needs!

Simple Headshot Session

$150 Session Fee*

Plus $25 per Image**

Coaching and guidance during the session.

Professional editing and retouching.

Private Online Preview Gallery.

Convenient Instant Downloading of Final Image(s)

*Images are not included in the session fee.

**You can purchase as many Images as you need after the session a la carte.

Extended Headshot Session

$350 Session Fee*

Plus $25 per Image**

No time limit on your session. We go at your pace, not mine.

Unlimited wardrobe changes.

A variety of different backdrops to choose from.

Coaching and guidance during the session.

Professional editing and retouching.

Private Online Preview Gallery.

Convenient Instant Downloading of Final Image(s)

*Images are not included in the session fee.

**You can purchase as many Images as you need after the session.

Simple Headshot Session $150

The Simple Headshot Session is perfect for those needing a single headshot image for uses such as business cards, web profiles, Email signatures, LinkedIn and more. Image format for the Simple Headshot Session consist of mid-chest/shoulders and up, one outfit, and typically white or dark solid background, or outdoors on Location (Travel fee and mobile set up fee not included).

The Simple Session Includes:

  • Pre-Session Consultation via email or phone

  • 30 -Minute On Location or Studio Session

  • Private Online Preview Gallery

  • Choose your Images ($25 / per high resolution Image download)

Extended Headshot Session $350

This is an Extended Headshot Session, ideal for those needing additional images and additional variety beyond the basic session. This session will provide options of a basic headshot session with mid-chest/shoulders up images plus additional 3/4 length environmental and editorial style images.

This Session Includes:

  • Pre-Session Consultation

  • Up to 45 min On-location Session (creative environmental & editorial style images) or Studio Session

  • Up to Three Outfits

  • Private Online Preview Gallery

  • Choose your Images ($25 / per high resolution Image download)

Extended Branding Session $1100

This Session Includes

  • Pre-Session Consultation

  • Hair and Make-up

  • 60-Minute On-Location Session providing range of Branding Headshots, multiple backgrounds plus creative environmental & editorial style images based on outline of personal branding - colors and theme)

  • Up To Four Outfits

  • Eight (4) High-Resolution Edited Digital Images (Selected from an Unedited Gallery)

  • Post Session Consultation

  • Additional images may be purchased for $25/Each


All About Backgrounds:

All About Backgrounds:

we like to focus on our subject and draw attention to the person we photograph, not the background. However, backgrounds bring texture to the composition.

The background will merely be the compliment and balance of the photo. Picking the right background for your Headshot is important and we can assist you in your choice.

These Images show the variety of backgrounds and produced textures we typically seek in our Headshots / Portrait Photography. The sky is only the limit! Feel free to let us know about your great ideas !

Studio backdrop Colors: Currently we have available; black, grey, gold, white, light grey, light blue and beige.

How to prepare for your Headshots Session

Here is a simple guide for how to prepare & what to expect during, & after your session.

How to prepare for your session:

  • Wardrobe preparation is an essential key to a successful shoot.

  • We recommend solid-colored tops, avoiding lace or patterns (many patterns & floral designs can be difficult to adjust during editing, some patterns/designs can become quickly outdated or unseasonal).

  • Clothing should be clean, pressed or steamed, and free of stains/holes/rips.

  • Pants or bottoms should match even if your session is not expected to show (Basic Headshot). We may occasionally provide a 3/4 length option.

  • Additionally, clothing should fit properly. Clothing that is too tight or too loose can reflect poorly in your images.

  • You are investing in headshots to better your business. If needed, consider in investing into a new outfit.

  • Depending on your session type, you may have up to certain number of outfits, we highly recommend utilizing accessories such as sweaters or jackets and also necklaces, bracelets, ties to quickly change your look without the need for full wardrobe change.

  • Hair & Makeup should be completed and ready prior to start of your session, we do have a Hair & Makeup bar for quick touch ups or adjustments prior to start of your session. Hair & Makeup services can be added for a fee but need to be arranged at least 3 days in advance.

What to expect during your session:

  • Before your session starts, we provide you with a moment to get settled, hang up extra outfits, do any quick hair/makeup touch ups, and use restroom, etc.

  • We will have a brief chat to learn about your business or career and discuss your session goals (sometimes this may have been completed during your booking call)

  • We will then begin your session and coach you through poses based upon your session goals.

  • You can expect some standing and some seated poses.

  • For extended headshot sessions, we will also walk outside the studio utilizing a few areas surrounding the building to add environmental style shots.

  • As time permits and depending on session type, we will then proceed to your changing of outfits, accessories, and backdrop colors.

What to expect after your session:

  • Within 3-5 business days of your session, you will receive an emailed invitation to your proofing gallery.

  • The proofing gallery is a RAW & Unedited gallery for you to simply select your images based upon your chosen package (You can always upgrade to add additional selections if you wish)

  • You will receive a set of instructions for navigating the proofing gallery & choosing your favorites.

  • Once you have made your selections, you should email our office to let us know and also provide any guidance or areas of focus for our editing process.

  • Expect 3-5 business days for the completion of your edits and delivery of your final digital images.

What is included in our editing process:

  • Enhance Overall Look of Image

  • Color Correction

  • Light Skin Retouching: fine lines, soften under eyes, lines in neck, lines around mouth

  • Teeth Whitening

  • Enhance Iris Color

  • Brighten Whites of Eyes

  • Removing Stray Hairs

  • Removing Small Wrinkles, Stains, Pieces of Lint (some material types may not be permissible such as heavy tweeds, lace, or high amounts of pattern)

  • Smooth Background

What is NOT included in our editing process but available as an upgrade:

  • Liquifying: Adjustments to any parts of face or body such as weight slimming or bulking, muscle definition, etc.

  • Excessive Hair Modifications: Adding hair, voluminizing, cloning hair from other areas, changing/adjusting color, root touch up.

  • Major Wardrobe Malfunctions: Ironing of excessive wrinkles, removing exposed bra straps, correcting of rips, tears, stains, or over/under sized clothing.

  • Extensive Makeup Application or Facial Enhancements: Adding/extending eyelashes, new eyebrows, straightening or replacing teeth, changing lip color, full makeup application.

  • Removal of items: hair ties on wrists, unwanted jewelry, wristbands, etc.

Please note: It is our true desire to produce an image that represents the best possible you, while still representing the REAL YOU !

How do I set an appointment?

We prefer that you call our Studio when you are ready to set your appointment

{941 460 3479}. This is helpful so that both parties can look at their calendars together and select a day & time that works best. During this call, we will also do a quick consultation to get to know you and what your goals are for your session.

We will take important information like your name, the best number to reach you on the day of the session, a back up number if possible, an email address to send your preview gallery, and your home address to send your prints & products (for those out of state). So it is important to have this information ready and to have a few minutes to talk.

If you are hearing impaired or absolutely cannot call us during business hours due to work restraints we will help you via-email.

We will also go over wardrobe, select your location to shoot, select a time (usually an hour before sunset, if not in studio) and lastly, to secure your date we will collect a 50% non-refundable retainer that will go towards your final purchase.

How far in advance do I need to schedule a session?

We highly recommend scheduling at least 2-3 weeks out, but please don’t let that stop you from contacting us, if you have decided on a spur of the moment session, we will try to squeeze you in. It never hurts to ask if there is a spot available, sometimes we do have unexpected cancellations that just might be the perfect session spot / time for you!

What is included in the session fee?

While there are a few different packages for different needs, they all come with the following:

  • Pre-Portrait Consultation - Your initial Phone or In-Person Consultation to discuss wardrobe, location, packages, questions, or any special requests

  • Session Time (Varies by session type)

  • Photographer’s Exclusive Artistic Post-Production

  • On-line Preview - A Watermarked Proofing Gallery To Purchase From. (Each session type provides a baseline image range. Some galleries may yield more than others and can be up to several hundred images depending on your session and how many people are included in the session

What can I expect during my session?

Our Pre-Portrait Consultation should set us up for a successful start to our session. We will meet at our agreed upon time and location, do a quick recap of the expectations for the session, and go over any “must have shots”. We will go to various spots that have been pre-scouted for light and aesthetics and go through a variety of poses as well as capture candid moments. Our sessions are geared towards a fun, pressure free, relaxing, and memorable experience. At the end of the session we will collect the remaining 50% balance due so we are able to put your images online into your password-protected gallery asap. Please note that images will not be placed in the queue for editing until the balance has been paid

in full.

Can I reschedule my session?

You can reschedule as long as it is 72 hours prior to your scheduled session. If you have to reschedule more than two times, you will loose your retainer portion towards your final purchase. This is to keep from excessive rescheduling.

I would like to cancel my session, can I get my retainer back?

We work on a 50% retainer system that is non-refundable. Your 50% retainer covers our consultation, emails, phone calls, contract writing, planning and administrative fees and the time of the photographer, who could have been booked. So we do ask that you are sure you would like to proceed prior to scheduling your appointment. As long as it is prior to 72 hours before your scheduled session, you may transfer your retainer to someone else in the form of a gift certificate if you decide not to have your session at all anymore.

What if it rains on the day of my session?

Florida weather can certainly be unpredictable. We will make every effort to get you rescheduled.

If you are visiting from out of state: We will make every effort to try to get you in the very next day or before you will need to depart, however we can not guarantee a sunset session. We ask that when scheduling your session that you do it with two days left of your stay in case a session gets rained out we will have additional days to work with. If no additional

days remain, we will opt for an indoor studio session altogether.

Can we get the rights to the images?

For personal photography sessions (weddings, fashion, boudoir, family, etc.), you are paying for our creative time and a license for print and personal use. While we will provide a print release for digital files you have purchased, all rights to the images remain with the photographer. This is common industry standard to avoid misuse and unauthorized manipulation of the images that would misrepresent our brand and compromise our reputation. It also protects the photographer from having the images printed commercially without photo credit or compensation for his/her work. Anything beyond reprinting and personal use will require our written permission or the purchase of a Commercial Image License.

If you have purchased a commercial photography session (defined by any session that uses the images for profit through marketing of ones self or business commercially), You will be provided a 5 year Commercial Image License on the images purchased to use for marketing, social media and other materials of the like. These sessions usually require both a strategy meeting and a formal contract in place prior to moving forward. If you would like to have an extended or endless Commercial Image License that can be negotiated during our strategy meeting and the terms of your license will be included in your contract.

If you have had a personal photography session and would now like to use an image for commercial purposes, you will have to purchase a Commercial Image License. A 5 year Commercial Image License starts at $500 per image. There can be negotiation on multiple images, extended and endless Commercial Image Licensing.

Commercial Image Licensing is for marketing/ promotion purposes (magazines, billboards etc.) Any and all resale of an image/s for profit is strictly prohibited unless there is a full purchase of copyrights from the Photographer which would be negotiated with an attorney.

Do you use our images from our session on your website?

We do use the images from our sessions to promote our company (body of work), by working with us you agree to allow us to use your images on our website, blog and other marketing material unless you directly request otherwise in writing.

Can we edit our own images?

We stand behind our images as works of art that represent the quality standards for our brand. For this reason we do not allow any manipulation to our images. Please understand that we take our service to you as a professional very seriously and you have hired us for our quality, artistry, expertise, and reputation. In order to protect our reputation and the quality of work that we provide to our clients, we must maintain full control over the presentation of the images. Depending on which type of session you have purchased, you will be provided either a Print License or Commercial Image License, we still retain the copyrights to all of our images indefinitely, as we simply do not offer by-outs.

FINALLY AT THE BOTTOM - YAY you have made it !!!! : - )

We are based in Englewood, FL happily offering our services throughout Southwest Florida including but not limited to: Englewood, Manasota Key, Palm Island, Venice, Siesta Key, Long Boat Key, and Sarasota, Port Charlotte, North Port, Punta Gorda, Boca Grande, Sanibel Island, Fort Myers, Naples and Marco Island.

We also travel to Hawaii (Weddings) as well as taking on commercial work nationally and internationally. Custom quotes required for travel locations.

Thank you kindly!

Chris and John

Photographers / Owners of Kohalafoto Photography

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