Who is Kohalafoto Films and what exactly do we do ?





Let’s be honest, simply turning on a camera, pressing record and handing over hours of footage simply does not cut it ! But we know that it’s not all about the techy stuff, it’s about the heart of the story. And we would love to tell your story! Trust us when we say…we are really fun to work with too ! :-)

Who is behind Kohalafoto ?

We are Chris and John, husband + wife team and co-founders of KohalaFoto Films.  Our goal is to create unique, timeless films, capturing the real beauty, the true emotions and substance of each wedding.

Based in VENICE FL, with servicing destinations world-wide. We’re a small team of international cinematographers + photographers, with a love of story-telling.


We’re driven by the possibility of capturing authentic experiences. 

We’d love to tell your story. Get in touch and tell us where and when your dream will unfold !!

Chris Brandt-Lonie

    Lead Photographer 

+ Cinematographer

When I was 15 years old, I discovered an old film Camera Canon AE-1 and it was love at first sight! I was instructed in photography and film making schools in Los Angeles California, complementing my passion for photography and film making. I have lived in many places, from Europe to California and now call Hawaii my home, and have been blessed to have  been part of over 800 weddings in the last 10 years. 


In my world, a photograph is an emotion frozen in time and captured forever, no matter what happens in the future, a photograph is a treasure that will last forever transporting us to that special moment every time we look at it. 


Why weddings? Because love is felt in the air, love and passion go hand in hand and photography is my passion ... to capture forever a second that is unique, it's magical! During a wedding I surrender to my senses, I open my heart and soul, to be able to give to the couple the story of their big day in a way that the images speaks for them and who they truly are when they are together. 


I still remember my first wedding, a lovely and small wedding at Kukio Beach sunset, we walked around the beach between colorful skies, swaying palm trees and sunbathing turtles, taking pictures and capturing the feeling of the island, we got amazing images! I look forward to continue adding exciting wedding to my list! Maybe yours will be the next one! I will be honored, Thanks for your time! Chris

Venice FL Architectural and Wedding Photographers, a fun and loving  husband-wife team !

Englewood FL Drone Operator - FAA Licensed aerial photographer near Venice FL

John Lonie

Videographer  / Drone Operator)

John is a passionate videographer and has been in the Los Angeles film business since 1997 where he started out working as Camera Operator for CNN News, and Hollywood Panavision Marketing Executive and has held important positions within the Los Angeles Film Industry. Chris and John have found each other while working at Panavision in Hollywood and have been best friends, soulmates and husband in wife for many years. When they moved to Hawaii 10 years ago, they co-founded KohalaFoto and have enjoyed a successful photography business. 


John posses natural creative talent finding amazing angles to capture spontanous moments unfolding during weddings, has filmed and edited numerous events and commercials in his career. 

Kohalafoto Films

Based in Venice, Florida  / available for bookings world-wide

kohalafotofilms@gmail.com     Tel: 941 460 3479

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